Pieter Hugo – This Must Be The Place

Ausst'publikation. Musée de L‘Elysee, Lausanne. Prestel 2012. Beiträge von T. J. Demos, Aaron Schuman. Englisch. 228 Seiten mit 108 farb. Abb. 26,7 x 29,3 cm. 1,8 kg. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. 9783791346892. art-15699
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"This Must Be the Place" presents nearly ten years of work by award-winning South African photographer Pieter Hugo. This book includes a selection of over 100 seminal images from before and after "The Hyena & Other Men", the series that catapulted him into the spotlight in 2007.
Perceptive essays by TJ Demos and Aaron Schuman situate Hugo's extraordinary career within the realm of contemporary photography and the larger historical context of his native continent, Africa.

As Schuman writes, 'Hugo's images offer an arresting argument for the untrustworthiness of photography, and at the same time reveal the striking vitality that remains at the heart of the medium when a practitioner bravely dares to pose difficult questions.
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