Ilya Kabakov – Der Text als Grundlage des Visuellen

The Text as the Basis of Visual Expression. Zdenek Felix (Hrsg.). Köln. Oktagon 2000. Englisch, Deutsch. 404 Seiten mit 110 s/w Abb. 16,3 x 23,3 cm. 1,2 kg. Broschur. 9783927789937. art-12599
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This comprehensive overview of Ilya Kabakov's installation work from the 1990s contains over 100 impressive images and more than 400 pages.

The book features Kabakov himself describing and commenting on his works. Ilya Kabakov was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Soviet Union, in 1933; he left the country in 1984 and now lives and works in New York and Paris. Kabakov is widely regarded as the greatest contemporary Russian artist, and has received the Joseph Beuys Prize and the Chevalier of Fine Arts Medal from the French ministry of culture.
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