Gilles Peress/Eric Stover – Die Gräber
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Gilles Peress/Eric Stover – Die Gräber
Srebrenica und Vukovar
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In this book on the war in Ex-Yugoslavia Gilles Peress and Eric Stover examine the forensic evidence of the massacres of Srebrenica and Vukovar in painstaking detail.

In May 1996 William Haglund, an American forensic anthropologist, and a team of forensic scientists from 19 countries were sent by the International War Tribunal in The Hague to oversee the disinterment of the mass graves in the hills around Srebrenica, Bosnia, and Vukovar, Croatia. They discovered some of the most horrifying atrocities committed since WW II. Eric Stover, director of the Human Rights Center at the University of California at Berkley, tells us in this book how Haglund excavated the bodies in an infernal slush of mud and decomposing flesh, how he pieced together the bodies of the victims and determined their identities.

Peress' frightening matter-of-fact photographs show the forensic team at work and what they discovered. Stover also talked to the survivors, mostly women and children. Many of them still hope that their husbands are alive even as Haglund's investigation proves the contrary.

This book is an impassioned plea for justice. It is a visceral demand that those responsible for these crimes against humanity should finally be apprehended and tried. This volume with its photographs and texts represents a heart-wrenching look at the victims and survivors of a war whose horrors we haven't even begun to fathom yet.
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