Sigmar Polke – Photoworks
256 Seiten, 26,7 x 29,2 cm , 795 g.
Sigmar Polke – Photoworks
When Pictures Vanish
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This catalog accompanied the first museum retrospective of the photography of influential German multimedia artist Polke. Often thought of as a painter or printmaker, Polke actually experimented with diverse media, refusing to accept the technical limitations they are commonly thought to have. His constant manipulation of negatives, paper, and print and use of double exposures and overprinting can be seen as direct influences from other media and are more aesthetically informed than the technical experiments undertaken by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy 50 years earlier.

In content, Polke shows a preference for abstract compositions and portraits, while in mood the works vere between ethereal and jocular, occasionally achieving both concurrently. The essays elucidate Polke's methods and themes. The more than 150 rich reproductions, however, are the heart of the book.
HerausgeberPaul Schimmel
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Beiträge vonMaria Hamburg Kennedy
Museum / OrtMuseum of Contemporary Art, LA
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