Philip Trager
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Philip Trager
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This monograph presents a complete overview of the photographs of Philip Trager, one of the most important photographers of architecture and dance of the twentieth century. It chronicles work from his books and unpublished photographs from a wide range of projects. Trager’s books are highly regarded as modern albums which capture the spirit of their subject matter in luminous and compelling photographs of architecture and dance.

Trager’s distinctly personal photographs of buildings are regarded as landmarks in architectural photography and have become standard documents for architectural and art historians, as well as architects. His expressionistic photographs of dancers in outdoor settings capture the essence of the work of many of the best contemporary choreographers and dancers, causing the viewer to rethink the field of dance photography.

The book includes essays; an extensive interview with Trager; photographs illustrating his life in photography; an illustrated section of selected projects and commissions; and a chronology and bibliography.
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