Roni Horn aka Roni Horn
430 Seiten, 24 x 19 cm , 1804 g.
Roni Horn aka Roni Horn
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For more than thirty years, Roni Horn has developed a body of work of concentrated visual power and intellectual rigor. Innovative in diverse mediums, her practice defies easy categorization. Although almost classical in their restraint and beauty, and virtuosic in their use and sensitivity to material, Horn’s pieces incite mental and conceptual engagement. Her subtle explorations of the complex relationship between object and subject have expanded the vocabulary of every medium in which she works. Creating situations in which the mechanisms of perception reveal themselves is one of her great achievements. This catalogue has been produced to accompany the most comprehensive overview of Horn’s work to date.

Horn has developed the structure of this two-volume publication. The catalogue volume includes an insightful essay by Briony Fer as well as a plate section of works in the exhibition. The other volume, the subject index, is fully illustrated and includes texts on a variety of topics related to Horn’s work by a variety of prominent artists, critics, curators, and cultural figures. In addition, the subject index also includes Horn’s own writing, which is illuminating and engaging for those with a longstanding interest in her work as well as people encountering it for the first time.
HerausgeberWhitney Museum of American Art
EinbandartFester Einband
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Beiträge vonBriony Fer
Museum / OrtNew York
Artikel IDart-07518


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