Sophie Calle – True Stories
112 Seiten, 25,5 x 27,5 cm , 884 g.
Sophie Calle – True Stories
The Hasselblad Award 2010
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"In my work it is the text that has counted most. And yet, the image was the beginning of everything." (Sophie Calle)

French artist Sophie Calle (1953) from Paris has been selected as the 30th winner of the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. The publication celebrating Calle's reception of the prestigious award presents an autobiographical project. In "True Stories" the artist gives visual form to her fantasies and personal memories, from her upbringing to the present. Encounters, ill-fated love and dissatisfaction with her own self are portrayed in a straight-forward, analytical way, often through objects that have been left behind.

"Her photographs rarely stand alone, but interact with text, which is of equal importance, in accordance with the post-structuralist idea that all languages are of equal value. She challenges us to reflect on the possibilities and limitations of photography." (G. Knape)
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Beiträge vonSophie Calle & Gunilla Knape
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