Jacqueline Hassink – Car Girls (sign.)
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Jacqueline Hassink – Car Girls (sign.)
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Dutch artist Jacqueline Hassink has received critical acclaim for her books and exhibitions dealing with issues of power and social relations. Car Girls is a body of work that Hassink created over five years, photographing major car shows in seven cities on three continents, including New York, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Detroit, and Shanghai. Every year, companies present their latest cars the same way: with the help of beautiful young female models-cum-performers hired to represent particular car brands, and the corporate images of their employer,s in a very distinctive way. As Hassink describes it, “The series captures the moments during the women's performances when they become more like dolls or tools than individuals." Aperture’s deluxe edition of Car Girls, limited to 1,500 copies, received worldwide attention, and we are pleased to issue this instant classic in a handy, adorable "travel-size,” a subversively fun look at the car industry from the point of view of the women who play an integral role in the elaborately staged, male-dominated industry of auto trade shows.

Both editions of Car Girls were designed by the award-winning Irma Boom.
HerausgeberIrma Boom Office
BemerkungSigniert von Jacqueline Hassink.
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