Thomas Florschuetz –  Ricochet – Blumenstücke
88 Seiten, 23 x 33 cm , 876 g.
Thomas Florschuetz – Ricochet – Blumenstücke
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From the essay by Hubertus von Amelunxen: "Be it in transluscent layers or softly coloured superimpositions, asserting themselves as individuals or as conspiratorial gathering, the orchids meet our gaze in a wealth of gestures and curtsey in ever new shapes. They are in motion, distant, unattainable even in close-up, and at second glance, at the latest, we detect a certain unrest, a violence that causes us to presume these particular Blumenstücke to be in the Chinese 'Jardin des supplices' of an Octave Mirbeau rather than the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. The photographs are entitled 'Ricochet - Blumenstücke,' a title that demands to be read closely, both for the literary-scenic significance of the term Blumenstücke (flower parts / plays), which from Jean Paul to Beckett conveys the sense of artificial completion, an anecdotal character, and for the initially opposite meaning of the term ricochet, which links poetics and ballistics."
HerausgeberWMB Berlin
VerlagRichter Verlag
EinbandartFester Einband
SpracheEnglisch, Deutsch
Beiträge vonHubertus von Amelunxen
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