Bill Burke – I Want to Take Picture
60 Seiten, 29,2 x 38,5 cm , 1100 g.
Bill Burke – I Want to Take Picture
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A reprint of Bill Burke’s seminal book of the same title, first published by Nexus Press in 1987, I Want to Take Picture features black-and-white images which Burke shot during several trips through Southeast Asia in the early 1980s, particularly focusing on the aftereffects of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

“In 1982, years after Viet Nam, I decided to give myself my own Southeast Asia experience. I wanted to make pictures in a place where I didn’t know the rules, where I’d be off balance. Friends who had been there recommended Thailand; nice people, easy transportation, good food.

Another friend told me that as long as I was going to Thailand I should go see the refugees coming out of Cambodia. He set me up with the International Rescue Committee, which was working at the Thai-Cambodian border.”
— Bill Burke
VerlagTwin Palms Publishers
EinbandartFester Einband
BemerkungReprint der Originalausgabe von Nexus Press (1987).
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