Joakim Eneroth – Swedish Red
50 Seiten, 17 x 25,6 cm , 320 g.
Joakim Eneroth – Swedish Red
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What is the world coming to? Well, if you ask Joakim Eneroth the answer is bleak at the best. He captures our growing fear, isolation and lack of trust in a series of images that at first strikes you as common and plain. In fact quite ordinary. But under the surface and beyond the first glance, you sense strange and highly neurotic vibrations. The naïve struggle for increased security and comfort portayed in these images are either humorous or disturbing. You decide which. In Swedish Red, Eneroth examines the idea of the home as a perfect place, where life is totaly comfortable and secure. How fear, or the need for security, easily evolves into deep isolation. The images tempt us, and tell us to fuck off, at the same time.
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