A–chan – Vibrant Home
100 Seiten, 23,5 x 28 cm , 616 g.
A–chan – Vibrant Home
Tokyo 2000.9 – 2007.9
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"Vibrant Home" is A-chan’s tender visual diary of the three places in which she has lived since 2000: Tokyo, Fujishiro and New York City. Wandering the streets with her camera, she captures that which we see but overlook: a grid of power lines against the sky, magnolia blossoms reaching sunwards over a wall, a self-absorbed child on the subway, rain-lacquered streets.

A-chan explains: “Vibrant Home is the name of the apartment I used to live in in Tokyo. That was my first time to live alone. There is beauty, slight movement. I stop walking and just follow my intuition.”
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