Sex Press (French ed.)
240 Seiten, 22,4 x 34 cm , 1566 g.
Sex Press (French ed.)
La révolution sexuelle vue par la Presse Underground
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From 1965 to 1975, an array of journals, magazines, fanzines and underground presses were the voice of a dramatic a sexual revolution.

In Europe and the United States, this "sex press" consisted of publications such as Other Scenes, Yellow Dog, Actuel, Suck, The Body and Screw, some of which were fully dedicated to sex, while others also engaged with the time's most riveting topical issues, including politics, human rights, war, women's rights and gay and lesbian rights.

Showcasing art from the most influential publications of the era, the book traces the exuberant sexual liberation of the 1960s and then moves into the mid 1970s, with its more codified form of pornography. Illustrated by a vivid collection of full page facsimiles, Sex Press offers a compelling visual tour through an extraordinary period of experimentation, creativity, and sexual freedom.
VerlagÉditions de La Martinière
BemerkungBildmaterial: Englisch, international. Begleittexte: Französisch.
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Beiträge vonJean-Pierre Bouyxou & Jim Haynes
Museum / OrtParis
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