Unfamiliar Streets – The Photographs ..
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Unfamiliar Streets – The Photographs ..
.. of Richard Avedon, Charles Moore, Martha Rosler, and Philip-Lorca diCorcia
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City scenes have been chronicled in photographs since the early 1800s, but street photography as traditionally defined has captured a relatively narrow field of these images.

Revolutionizing the history of street photography, "Unfamiliar Streets" explores the work of Richard Avedon (1923-2004), Charles Moore (1931-2010), Martha Rosler (b. 1943), and Philip-Lorca diCorcia (b. 1951), four American photographers whose careers in fashion, photojournalism, conceptual art, and contemporary art are not usually associated with the genre.

Bussard's lively and engaging text, a timely response to a growing interest in urban photography, challenges the traditional understanding of street photography and makes original and important connections among urban culture, social history, and the visual arts, constructing a new historical model for understanding street photography.

Illustrated with more than one hundred images, this book provides an interpretation of a compelling genre that is as fresh as its consideration of the city streets themselves, sites of commerce, dispossession, desire, demonstration, power, and spectacle.

Katherine A. Bussard is Peter C. Bunnell Curator of Photography at the Princeton University Art Museum and coauthor of "Color Rush: American Color Photography from Stieglitz to Sherman".
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