JH Engström – Haunts (sign.)
216 Seiten, 25 x 31 cm , 1690 g.
JH Engström – Haunts (sign.)
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Haunts is the second book in a trilogy that began with Trying to Dance, in which Engström writes, "I'm always looking for presence. Whenever I try, my doubts get unmasked..." These doubts and questions are prevalent in Haunts as well, but in this volume Engström focuses more on public spaces and life in the streets. At the center of these pictures is a strong feeling of being in an endless present tense. The confrontation between “now“ and the photographer's memories is inevitable.

He doesn't try to separate emotions from objectivity: his images embody their questions.
BemerkungSigniert von JH Engström.
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Museum / OrtGöttingen
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