Hellen van Meene – The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits
272 Seiten, 23,2 x 28,7 cm , 1784 g.
Hellen van Meene – The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits
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Hellen van Meene (*1972) is one of the leading Dutch photographers of her generation. In 2005, the American magazine Village Voice included her Portraits in its Top 25 best photography books of the year, and she was also rated the fourth most successful artist in the Netherlands in 2007.

Van Meene is known for her intriguing portraits of adolescent girls and women. Her photographs stand out for their outstanding lighting, their painstaking, elegant compositions, and their palpable psychological tension. Van Meene’s natural affinity with the world of puberty, combined with the intimate connection she achieves with her models, means that her powerful portraits leave a deep impression.

The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits brings together over 250 images, and is the most complete survey of Hellen van Meene’s photography.
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Autor(en)Martin Barnes
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