Bec Parsons – Coney Island
130 Seiten, 20 x 26 cm , 370 g.
Bec Parsons – Coney Island
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Bec Parsons is a favourite of the Australian fashion industry, and her images appear in many fashion publications. Her style is widely recognised as stripped down and unfussed, leaving elegantly raw images which focus solely on the subject.

Reducing things to their most basic and timeless elements seems to be her modus operandi, and this series, which takes a single model and New York’s Coney Island as its subject and backdrop, is no exception. The familiar boardwalks and looping rollercoasters are shown as empty places devoid of the expected buzz of activity, yet the special attention Parsons gives to the blossoming cherry trees hints at a change of season.
VerlagPerimeter Editions
Artikel IDart-16229


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