Altitude. Contemporary Swiss Graphic Design
240 Seiten, 23,7 x 29,7 cm , 1402 g.
Altitude. Contemporary Swiss Graphic Design
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A fresh wave of intellectually rigorous and iconoclastic Swiss designers is carving its niche in a new graphic language. By combining traditional high quality “Swiss Style” with advanced media, they are giving rise to a progressive style of visual expression. Seven years after publishing Swiss Graphic Design, we present Altitude - a showcase of this current generation of flourishing contemporary designers. The book gives insight into the impact, essence and diversity of their work and evaluates the significant evolution of Swiss illustration and typography in recent years.

An increasing number of designers are working internationally with interdisciplinary design practices in typography, vector graphics, photography, interiors and web design. They bring an experimental, playful and humorous element to their work while maintaining the minimalist approach and precision that gives Swiss Design its universally recognized trademark.

Altitude is an expansive volume that presents and examines current trends while providing an analysis of contemporary Swiss Design through visuals, texts, interviews and commentary from the designers and editors themselves.
HerausgeberNicholas Bourquin, Claudia Mareis
EinbandartBroschur im Schmuckschuber
SpracheEnglisch, Deutsch, Französisch
Artikel IDart-16273


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