We Love Magazines
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We Love Magazines
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We Love Magazines explores magazines and magazine culture with groundbreaking visuals and editorial contributions from around the world.

The book features in-depth analysis of various aspects of magazine creation while, as the title reflects, celebrating with genuine pleasure a medium that continues to entertain, inform and surprise. We Love Magazines includes essays by international experts on not only practical topics such as the role of a cover and advertising, but also on historical subjects such as an analysis of groundbreaking moments and titles in magazine publishing. The book also contains the most comprehensive directory ever compiled of 1,100 international pop culture magazines and the shops in which to buy them.

In addition, readers are introduced to ten pioneering, independent magazines that have created their own chapters for the book. These are: Carl*s Cars (Norway), Coupe (Canada), Frame (The Netherlands), Omagiu (Romania), Rojo (Spain), S-magazine (Denmark), Shift! (Germany), Streets/Fruits/Tune (Japan), thisisamagazine.com (Italy) and Yummy (France). In keeping with the independent spirit of the magazines featured in the book, We Love Magazines has been published with ten slightly different covers. All have the same title graphic and background photo but feature ten different drawings in blue foil block by Mio Matsumoto. The drawings portray ten different readers , who each represent one of the ten contributing magazines listed above.

The book We Love Magazines was created as an accompaniment to the Colophon2007 magazine symposium, which took place in Luxembourg on March 9-11, 2007.
HerausgeberAndrew Losowsky
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