A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days
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A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days
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Everything you always wanted to know about graphic design but were too afraid to ask. One fateful rainy day, a bored kid asks his grandfather "what in the world is graphic design?"

Starting with that innocent question, A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days takes its readers on a charmingly illustrated and cleverly revealing whirlwind tour through this creative discipline’s milestone developments, personalities, and technologies. With its engaging design, humorous narratives, and fun-filled exercises, this activity book offers an entertaining look at the many aspects of graphic design—from typography’s humble beginnings at the dawn of the industrial revolution to the internet-based font distribution of today; from the first printed Christmas cards in the 1850s to David Carson’s revolutionary layouts of the late 1980s; from styles including art nouveau, Dada, Bauhaus, and psychedelic to innovators such as William Morris, Jan Tschichold, Saul Bass, and Jessica Helfand.

A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days has been created by Studio 3, the student-driven design agency from Oslo that also brought you the bestselling Hyperactivitypography from A to Z.
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