Harry Benson's America
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Harry Benson's America
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Award-winning photographer Harry Benson came to America in 1964 with the Beatles and knew he never wanted to leave. Throughout his five-decade career, Benson has worked for the most popular magazines in the country, including Life, People, the New Yorker, and Vanity Fair, photographing everyone and everything. This book includes images of politicians, musicians, actors, criminals, heroes, writers, soldiers, activists, athletes, parties, concerts, political conventions, rallies, sports events, funerals, parades, and small towns. From the famous to the infamous, from the sublime to the absurd, Benson has captured the essence of American pop culture since the 1960s. Highlights include Bob Guccione styling a model, Elizabeth Taylor's brain scan, Billy Carter urinating next to a car, Michael Jackson frolicking with young fans and Truman Capote dancing with transvestites.
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