Gérard Rancinan & Caroline Gaudriault
300 Seiten, 29 x 32 cm , 2695 g.
Gérard Rancinan & Caroline Gaudriault
The Photographer: Portraits of Twenty–five Masters
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In this tribute to contemporary photography, authors Gérard Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault present 25 portraits of the most important practitioners of the photographic medium today. A renowned photographer himself, Rancinan traveled the world to capture each subject in the surroundings of their choice and, in parallel, journalist Gaudriault interviewed them about their work and the legacy they will leave to the world. Subjects include world-renowned artists such as Elliott Erwitt, David Lachapelle, Martin Parr, Pierre et Gilles, Peter Lindbergh, Oliviero Toscani, Eikoh Hosoe, Sebastiao Salgado, and Reza.
Accompanying each portrait by Rancinan are images taken and chosen by the photographers themselves, selected to represent their work and illustrate their interview. As a result, The Photographer showcases examples of the very best contemporary work, including portraiture, photojournalism, nudes, paparazzi, fine art, and fashion.
A must-have for any photography lover, The Photographer turns the camera around and the result is an intimate look at the face and world of these exceptional artists.
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Autor(en)Gerard Rancinan, Caroline Gaudriault
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