Ben Watts – Montauk Dreaming
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Ben Watts – Montauk Dreaming
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In a career that spanned more than four decades, 'Montauk Dreaming' is an homage to the town that photographer Ben Watts has called home since 1995. Watts has described Montauk as “paradise 3 hours outside the walls of the greatest city in the world”. 

Watts’ photographic style of bright color and vibrant life is no doubt a product of his surroundings, as we get a wide and candid view into his personal world in Montauk, NY.  The town, situated at the eastern most point of New York’s Long island, has exploded in recent years becoming a summer cultural epicenter.  Primarily shot on an iPhone with his own photo app and set of filters, 'Montauk Dreaming' serves as an explosive narrative of beach lifestyle and spirit.
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