Harvey Benge – Killing Time in Paradise
96 Seiten, 15,1 x 22 cm , 290 g.
Harvey Benge – Killing Time in Paradise
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"I believe it is in this vein of open-minded creativity that photographer Harvey Benge has captured images from his world travels, juxtaposed them in a delightful discontinuous sequence, and created his latest book for readers to ponder and enjoy.

“Killing Time in Paradise” is a poetic book composed of all photos and no text other than its koan-like title. People who “kill time” flipping back and forth through the pages will be rewarded perhaps with playful new connections and lingering meditations.

The first-level subject matter is a look at contemporary urban social landscapes through the lens of a single thoughtful photographer. Beyond the individual photographs, however, one discovers the often-surprising humor of unexpected juxtapositions and a unique voice in visual language.

This small volume is part of that wonderfully growing genre of affordable, limited-edition artists' books. 96 pages, all color, published by Schaden."

— Jim Casper, 2005
VerlagSchaden Verlag
Artikel IDart-16745


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