The Big Book of Color in Design
384 Seiten, 21,5 x 28 cm , 1532 g.
The Big Book of Color in Design
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"The Big Book of Color in Design" focuses on color as a tool to create moods and symbolic images.The book is categorized into 30 different sections, such as “classy,” “hot,” “regal,” or “corporate.” Each section features current graphic design projects that fit into these moods.

For each of the featured projects, a “color chip” appears, with the CMYK formula for creating a similar tone. In all, hundreds of examples of use of color in brochures, ads, logos and other categories of graphic design appear in this breakthrough book.


Few books on design address the use of color and its role as a tool that creates moods, images and emotion. Now at last "The Big Book of Color in Design" addresses this need, providing a rich treasure chest of ideas in its 30 different sections. Each section follows a mood (such as "classy," "hot," "regal," or "corporate") and shows current projects designed to evoke that feeling. Every project features a color chip with the CMYK formula for creating a similar tone. Hundreds of examples show how color is used in brochures, ads, logos and more. A worthy successor to the best-selling 'Big Book of Design Ideas', 'The Big Book of Color in Design' is the ultimate companion to anyone designing for today's sophisticated market.
VerlagCollins Design
Autor(en)David E. Carter
Artikel IDart-17067


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