A Treasury of Ming and Qing Dynasty Palace Furniture
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A Treasury of Ming and Qing Dynasty Palace Furniture
The Palace Museum Collection
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This two-volume set is an important publication in the study of furniture from the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) in Beijing. Through 30 years of work and research in the Palace Museum, furniture specialist and author Hu Desheng has selected 455 of the most outstanding pieces (or sets) of furniture, illustrated in these volumes in high-quality color photographs.Chapters 1, 2 and 3 introduce the origins, styles and types of furniture from the Ming and Qing palaces, providing a solid overview and background to the collection; while Chapters 4 through 7 analyze and illustrate the structure and form, detail and decorative work, patterns and motifs, and materials used in making the furniture, allowing the reader to explore the pieces in more detail and depth.Chapters 8 and 9 comprise the culmination of this study, showing representative pieces and sets of furniture, as well as exploring the arrangement and use of the furniture, allowing the reader to appreciate the pieces in their original context.The breathtaking pieces, scholarly insight and abundant information contained within this set make it of great value to any enthusiast, collector or researcher of Chinese furniture.
VerlagArt Media Resources
EinbandartFester Einband im Schmuckschuber
Autor(en)Hu Desheng
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