Site Specific – Olivo Barbieri
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Site Specific – Olivo Barbieri
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Site Specific is a summary of Olivo Barbieri’s ten-year project to record the world’s cities in aerial photographs. The book offers a thrilling survey of thirty-six cities throughout the world. At the same time, it presents a narrative of Barbieri’s evolving approach to photography and his ideas about the nature of the medium. Presented chronologically, the photographs begin with the distinct “tilt-shift” photographs of Italian cities with which Barbieri first established his reputation—and launched a popular stylistic movement for selective-focus photographs. During the series, he later introduced other devices and approaches to distort perceived reality to dramatic effect, such as playing with color, registration, and the deletion or discoloring of particular details. The result is a remarkable photo essay about twenty-first-century urban space and about photography itself. Christopher Phillips presents a thorough background to the work of Barbieri in his introductory essay.
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