James Rosenquist – The Hole in the Center of Time
40 Seiten, 24,2 x 31,6 cm , 346 g.
James Rosenquist – The Hole in the Center of Time
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James Rosenquist's paintings of this series are related to one another and to his earlier 'Speed of Light' and 'Time Blade' images.

These works suggest the ways in which space and time change as the universe evolves. The paintings raise a great many interesting questions and suggest any number of interpretive approaches to their meaning. In these works, his subjects, ranging from pencils to star fields, relate to both the ordinary and the extraordinary experience of late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century life.

The paintings deal not only with human-sized objects and intervals, the kinds of things we migth encounter in Times Square, as did his Pop Art paintings, but also with theoretical objects and framworks that we can encounter only at the smallest and largest scales. Rosenquist's exceptionally dense imagery reflects the truly mind-boggling scope of contemporary science.
HerausgeberHanne Tonger-Erk
VerlagJablonka Galerie
Beiträge vonCraig Adcock
Artikel IDart-18856


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