All About Saul Leiter
296 Seiten, 15 x 21 cm , 610 g.
All About Saul Leiter
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Published on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition curated by Pauline Vermare of work by Saul Leiter at the Bunkamura Museum of Art in Tokyo, this sincere, beautifully conceived volume offers an in-depth look at this American visual artist’s oeuvre. Known for his photography and painting, a rare and beautiful combination of Japanese and French influences runs through Leiter’s entire body of work. His passion for French impressionism and post-impressionism likely played a role in his love and admiration for Japanese art, leading to the characteristic poetic grace and delicateness seen in his images, as well as an acute awareness of transient, ephemeral beauty.
HerausgeberPauline Vermare
VerlagThames & Hudson
Beiträge vonMargit Erb, Motoyuki Shibata
Museum / Ortbunkamura Museum of Art, Tokyo
Artikel IDart-19024


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