John Myers – Looking at the Overlooked (sign.)
160 Seiten, 25 x 28,5 cm , 1168 g.
John Myers – Looking at the Overlooked (sign.)
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Limitiert auf 450 Exemplare: signiertes Buch + Silbergelatine-Print "The Bed, 1976" (12,7 x 10,1 cm)!

"Looking at the Overlooked" describes a way of encountering the world. The images, all taken within walking distance of Myers’s home in Stourbridge are scenes encountered without narrative or emotion, as if Myers were the first person to come across the places he turned his lens upon. The work is sequenced as a journey through a town, generic and not site-specific, a backdrop to the mundane and everyday that is too often seen and yet not considered as part of our visual landscape.

“It is gratifying that "The Portraits" was such a success. "Looking at the Overlooked" presents the place where those people lived“ —John Myers

“Myers studied sculpture in Newcastle and brought a sculptor’s eye and sensibility to the process of making photographs. He constructed compositional frameworks around his subjects, in a shallow internal or external space. It is this space, the apparent void between the photographer and the subject, which reveals something fascinating about the process and nature of photography itself. It speaks about the giving and taking that takes place between a photographer and his subject and unique way in which the optics, chemistry and transformational process of photography constructs and presents a particular representation of the world to us. Finally we have a chance to see this body of work in full and to appreciate its revolutionary place in British visual culture” —Pete James
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