Daido Moriyama – Record 36 (sign.)
114 Seiten, 22 x 27,8 cm , 428 g.
Daido Moriyama – Record 36 (sign.)
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In early November, I had some business to do in the town of Zushi.
I have a house there and usually visit Zushi two or three times a year. The more I drive along the coast and down the roads in town each time, the more images of a young Takuma Nakahira inevitably flash across the back of my mind.

And that’s just natural, considering that some fifty years ago in the summer we were close friends who eagerly discussed their photographic dreams while walking together morning, noon and evening.
VerlagAkio Nagasawa
SpracheEnglisch, jap.
BemerkungSigniert von Daido Moriyama
Artikel IDart-19702


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