Daido Moriyama – Record 38 (sign.)
120 Seiten, 22 x 27,8 cm , 454 g.
Daido Moriyama – Record 38 (sign.)
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The 37th edition of Daido Moriyama’s Record series.
Moriyama self-published his photography in a journal he called “Record”. Five issues were published before the project was halted in 1972. In 2006, after encouragement from Akio Nagasawa, Moriyama decided to restart the project as a regular outlet for his photography.
About a photo of Nobuyoshi and Yoko Araki on the final pages of this issue, Moriyama writes the following:
“It is such a magnificent picture of the two of them together that I just had to do it. The photo must have been taken around the time of Araki’s early photo book, Sentimental Journey, and I was totally captured by the impact and the message that the genuine print of that snapshot of two youthful naked fellows conveyed.”
VerlagAkio Nagasawa
SpracheEnglisch, jap.
Artikel IDart-19704


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