Laure Albin Guillot
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Laure Albin Guillot
L'Enjeu Classique
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Laure Albin Guillot (Paris, 1879–1962), a “resounding name that should become famous”, one could read just after World War II. Indeed, the French photographic scene in the middle of the century was particularly marked by the signature and aura of this artist, who during her lifetime was certainly the most exhibited and recognized, not only for her talent and virtuosity but also for her professional engagement.

The catalogue allows one to discover her art of portraiture and the nude, her active role in the advertising world, her printed work and, at last, a significant gathering of her “micrographies décoratives”, stupefying photographs of microscopic preparations that made her renown in 1931.

VerlagÉdition de la Martinière
SpracheEnglisch, Französisch
Museum / OrtJeu de Paume, Paris
Artikel IDart-19838


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