Sundance Film Festival A to Z
54 Seiten, 17,8 x 17,8 cm , 612 g.
Sundance Film Festival A to Z
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SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL A–Z celebrates the history and legacy of the films, actors, and directors of the Sundance Film Festival through the years. This charming board book was released in time for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and features twenty-six new illustrations from twenty-six different artists—one for each letter of the alphabet. Editor Todd Oldham asked each illustrator to bring together unrelated, disparate inspirations for each letter of the alphabet into one cohesive illustration, resulting in unexpected and delightful juxtapositions including “N is for Napoleon Dynamite, Shirin Neshat, and Christopher Nolan.”

Sundance Institute was founded by Robert Redford in 1981 in the mountains of Sundance, Utah, in order to provide a space for independent artists to explore their stories free from commercial and political pressures. Today, the Institute offers year-round, intensive, creative and financial support for artists developing their original films and plays, and presents the world-renowned, annual Sundance Film Festival.
VerlagAmmo Books
Autor(en)Todd Oldham
Beiträge vonRobert Redford
Artikel IDart-19854


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