Wang Yishu – Borderless (sign.)
104 Seiten, 21,6 x 27,6 cm , 698 g.
Wang Yishu – Borderless (sign.)
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This book select Wang Yishu’s latest works from 2016-2017. Different from his early works, Wang’s source of inspirations shifts from human beings to objects, from complexity to delightfulness. More of his new works accumulate and reinforce these transitions into an intense impression. These photographs resemble the cavities on the surface of reality, which is filled with the look of the actual world that is rather independent. In those new photographs, Wang Yishu no longer constructs complex metaphors, instead, a sudden enlightenment towards light, color and shadow. In some settings or moments, Wang uses strobe lights to sculpt or dissect the lighting environment of the space. He produces shadows to disturb the world in the photographs.

Wang Yishu, born in the 70s of the last century in Ganshu, grew up in Jinzhou, Liaoning. He graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Northwest Normal University. Now he works and lives in Zhejiang and Shanghai. Some of his works were collected in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
HerausgeberYanyou Yuan Di
VerlagJiazazhi Press
SpracheEnglisch, Chinesisch
BemerkungSigniert von Wang Yishu
Artikel IDart-19893


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