Miyako Ishiuchi – Beginnings: 1975 (sign.)
58 Seiten, 22,6 x 22,5 cm , 440 g.
Miyako Ishiuchi – Beginnings: 1975 (sign.)
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“Beginnings: 1975” is a collection of Miyako Ishiuchi’s earliest photographs. Ishiuchi discovered the images by chance while preparing a solo exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art.
The photos were taken from within Ishiuchi’s daily life, and developed in a makeshift darkroom in her parents’ house.
The black-and-white photos “provoke no nostalgia, no sentimental memories; they appear instead as mysterious proof of the depth of the decades between that time and my life today,” writes Ishiuchi in her afterword (available in Japanese and English), adding:
“Although I still find them imperfect, I recognize I already had the vision that led me to create ‘Yokosuka Story,’ ‘Apartment,’ and ‘Endless Nights.’”
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