Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art
442 Seiten, 28,3 x 23,3 cm , 2390 g.
Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art
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Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art is an intimate portrait of an institution that from 1982 to 2012 challenged social, political, aesthetic and curatorial norms. Committed to experimenting at the intersection of disciplines, publications and design, the gallery Exit Art remained steadfast in its mission to provide new possibilities and opportunities for artists, curators and viewers through its expansive historical shows, exhibitions of emerging and under-recognized artists, experimental theatre and performance works, as well as national and international film and video programs.

Conceived by Exit Art’s founders, Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo, this volume is a resource on more than 200 exhibitions, events, festivals and programs featuring more than 2,500 artists, presented within the larger context of the art world. More than seventy eyewitness accounts and idiosyncratic recollections from artists, curators, critics and friends create a vivid sense of the exhibitions, performances, screenings, discussions, ideas and people that were part of Exit Art during its three-decade run.
HerausgeberSusan Harris, Anne Staniszewski
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