Private Collection: A History of Erotic Photography
304 Seiten, 22 x 34 cm , 2205 g.
Private Collection: A History of Erotic Photography
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‘Private Collection’ is a unique, eye-opening publication of over 250 pornographic photographs from Danny Moynihan’s personal collection, featuring images made by some of the earliest erotic photographers, dating back to the mid 1800s and the invention of photography itself. Ranging from the artistic to the bawdy to the explicit, ‘Private Collection’ is equally a historical document of 19th century sexual appetites, as it is a slice of titillating coffee-table erotica.

Included in this volume is a rousing essay by Cressida Connolly, which examines the parallel development of pornography and photography, as well as a historical overview of sleaze and sexual practice in 19th century Europe. Since the birth of photography, people have sought out pornographic images – after all, “looking at photographs of people with no clothes on is always exciting”. And, with ‘Private Collection’, never has it been so intriguing.
HerausgeberDanny Moynihan
VerlagOther Criteria
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonCressida Connolly
Artikel IDart-21124


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