Saul Leiter – Here's more, why not
76 Seiten, 14,8 x 21 cm , 230 g.
Saul Leiter – Here's more, why not
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Saul Leiter has been digging in his archive and selected 34 unpublished color photographs for his fourth solo exhibition at Roger Szmulewicz's GALLERY FIFTY ONE, in Antwerp. The lyricism and intensity of his vision come into fullest play in his eloquent handling of color: to the rapid recording of the spontaneous unfolding of life on the street, Leiter adds an unconventional sense of form and a brilliantly improvisational, and frequently almost abstract, use of found colors and tones. Leiter’s visual language of fragmentation, ambiguity and contingency is evoked in Saul Leiter: Early Color by one hundred subtle, painterly images that stretched the boundaries of photography in the second half of the twentieth-century.
VerlagGallery 51
Beiträge vonRoger Szmulewicz
Museum / OrtGallery 51
Artikel IDart-21136


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