Michael Kenna – Images of the Seventh Day
272 Seiten, 28 x 24 cm , 1804 g.
Michael Kenna – Images of the Seventh Day
1974 - 2009
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Whether they are of Abu Dhabi, California, Egypt or Emilia, all of the images he produces are lit with a constant physical light and sentiment; elements that this photographer seems to always have with him the way he does with his camera bag, and through which all he wants to do is observe the world.

I find such an aesthetic to be more that of a painter than a photographer somehow. Better yet, that of a post-documentary or neo-pictorialist photographer, who experiences and conceives his work to be the expressive gesture of an artist for whom the subject is above all the opportunity for a tremendous but constant variation in his view of the world.

Ferdinando Scianna

A beautifully designed monograph surveying the works of the highly acclaimed contemporary photographer. Kenna’s photographs captivate viewers through their silent drama and magnetism: rather than being accurate descriptions of a place, the photographer seems interested in capturing the invisible lines which enclose space, and in so doing arousing a viewer’s imagination and reverie. This catalog showcases 290 black-and-white photographs: 200 trace the artist’s career, from early 1970s images shot in England, to the photographs of the following three decades, which result from travels and commissions in every continent throughout the world; 35 record Venice’s everlasting appeal; 20 reflect one of Kenna’s most important jobs, that of recording the Nazi concentration and extermination camps.
EinbandartFester Einband
SpracheEnglisch, Italienisch
Beiträge vonPierre Borhan, Sandro Parmiggiani, Ferdinando Scianna
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