Takashi Homma – Scandinavian Mushroom
64 Seiten, 17,9 x 14 cm , 136 g.
Takashi Homma – Scandinavian Mushroom
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Published by limArt and produced by Yusuke Nakajima and Yoshihisa Tanaka (one part of artist duo Nerhol) in 2015, Takashi Homma's Scandinavian Mushroom is a photographic tribute to Ed Ruscha's artist books created in the late 60s and early 70s. Taking reference to Ruscha's Coloured People published in 1972, Takashi Homma's Scandinavian Mushroom is a collection of photographs which capture a variety of wild mushrooms grown in the forests of Fukushima. Collecting over 100 specimens of radioactive fungus, Homma's photographs resonate aesthetically to the same white background and photographic style used in Coloured People bringing forward Homma's own contextual narrative to the homage.

VerlagLim Art
BemerkungLimited Edition 440
Artikel IDart-23575


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