Katrien De Blauwer – Why I hate cars
72 Seiten, 20 x 25 cm , 520 g.
Katrien De Blauwer – Why I hate cars
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Following her previous book When I Was a Boy, Katrien De Blauwer (b. 1969, Belgian) continues to explore her medium of « photography without a camera » in the monograph Why I Hate Cars. After studies in painting and fashion, De Blauwer began delving into a wayward artistic practice by collecting imagery from old magazines and newspapers — as a therapeutic self investigation, of which became the foundation of her work. In creating her own collages, De Blauwer reveals an inner realm as she initiate anonymous and cinematic narrations. In this particular work, she began experimenting with paint and crayons — bearing an additional layer of colors to the stories she tells.

The book contains an excerpt written by Katrien De Blauwer, taken from one of her notebooks.
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