KOREA: As seen by Magnum Photographers
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KOREA: As seen by Magnum Photographers
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South Korea, with its craggy hillsides, gnarled trees, and ancient temples, is steeped in tradition yet, at the same time, is thoroughly modern – the tenth-ranking industrial power in the world. Its capital city, Seoul, is one of the most populous cities in the world and home to such cutting-edge buildings as the Samsung Tower Palace.

The beautiful landscape and day-to-day details of life in South Korea are depicted here in images taken by the photographers of Magnum – the famed cooperative whose members are among the greatest photographers of our time. Here we see a rich culture that both respects a dynamic cultural history and celebrates the latest trends in fashion, technology, and architecture.

These extraordinary photographs are set in their historical context by an insightful text by historian Bruce Cumings.
VerlagW. W. Norton & Company
Beiträge vonKo Kwang Heon, Elliot Erwitt, Bruce Cumings
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