Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture
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Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture
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The large body of painting and sculpture created in the Soviet Union reflects—and in many cases, pushes against—the restrictions and complexities inherent in making art under totalitarianism. This book presents beautiful reproductions of a wide range of artworks from the period, giving a clear picture of the impressive achievement, diversity, and scope of Soviet-era art.

Drawing on the holdings of a number of museums and private collections, Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture showcases many works in the modern tradition, alongside highlights from the Moscow School of Painting and paintings that exemplify the dizzying creativity of postwar art. On the sculpture side, we see not only large public monuments, but also more personal works, created in studios and often little seen before the fall of the Soviet state.

A stunning volume, Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture is a testament to art made in difficult conditions, which is sure to enchant any admirer or Russian and Soviet art.
HerausgeberRena Lavery, Ivan Lindsay
VerlagUnicorn Publishing Group
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonKatia Kapushesky, Natalia Alexandrova et al.
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