Jewish World – 100 Treasures of Art & Culture
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Jewish World – 100 Treasures of Art & Culture
The Magnes Collection
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A fascinating survey of Jewish art and history from one of the most comprehensive Jewish collections. The Jewish World represents an overview of Jewish art that spans the multiple dimensions of Jewish life across the globe. Through beautiful photographs and insightful texts, this richly illustrated book brings to light masterpieces of Judaica and craftsmanship—from classical paintings to lush illuminations, from intricate silverwork to modernist sculpture—from The Magnes Collection, one of the world’s largest and most preeminent collections of Jewish ceremonial, modern, and contemporary art, music, rare books, and manuscripts. With art hailing from India, Spain, Yemen, Germany, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, China, Russia, the United States, and other regions where Jews once lived or continue to live, the book gives insights into the richness and variety of Jewish cultures. The Magnes’s sparkling new quarters, in a 25,000-square-foot building near the University of California, Berkeley, campus, make this important resource accessible as never before.
VerlagSkira Rizzoli
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