Todd Hido – Cracked Trees
16 Seiten, 15,2 x 19 cm , 140 g.
Todd Hido – Cracked Trees
One Picture Book #59
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In the winter of 2009, Todd Hido was approached by elementary school art instructor Wilhelm Matthies about using his photographs in class for the students to work from as a source of inspiration for some of their own exercises. The resulting book of four watercolors by 3rd grade students shows some of the remarkable paintings generated by the class. Each copy of the book contains 4 reproductions of watercolors, and one original signed photograph by Todd Hido. A limited number of A/Ps are available at this price.
VerlagNazraeli Press
EinbandartFester Einband
BemerkungLimitierte und nummerierte 500er-Auflage, mit einem Print (14x18,4 cm) signiert von Todd Hido
Artikel IDart-27811


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