Tod Papageorge – On The Acropolis
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Tod Papageorge – On The Acropolis
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In 1983- 84 Tod Papageorge spent a month each summer on the Acropolis in Athens, producing a body of work that seems lost in time, fusing the ancient
with the modern.

"I stayed at a nice hotel, the Zafolia, five minutes from the Acropolis, where every surface in my room was marble, and where I did laps in the pool every
evening, driving the hotel staff crazy. I usually ate lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in the Plaka, right under the Parthenon. I just liked the food. Have no memory at all of where I’d go for dinner. Very solitary the whole time. That was it: up The Hill in the morning, down for lunch, usually back up for more after that, then a swim and dinner somewhere nearby." — Tod Papageorge
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