Hiro Tanaka – Chicharron
96 Seiten, 22 x 28 cm , 530 g.
Hiro Tanaka – Chicharron
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“In April 2018, Chicharron – a dummy book of diptychs from his personal travels through the US, South America, Europe and Asia – won the Cosmos Arles PDF Award, where it attracted the attention of Italian publisher Witty Kiwi. Several months later the book was published and launched at Polycopies at Paris Photo.

In Chicharron, most of the photographs come as pairs, which is Tanaka’s way of “connecting the dots” – “like the feeling of a shapeless puzzle coming together in my mind”. “When you travel and you’re in a completely different environment, you experience so many more random events than you could ever have imagined,” he says. “Every day is different, removed from the usual flow of time and speed. I’m attracted to those unusual experiences”.“ – British Journal of Photography

Cosmos Arles PDF Award (France)

DOCfield Dummy Award (Spain)
Kassel Dummy Award (Germany)
Landskrona Foto Breadfield Dummy Award (Sweden)
VerlagWitty Books
Artikel IDart-28739


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