Vincent Van Gogh – The Years in France
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Vincent Van Gogh – The Years in France
Complete Paintings 1886-1890
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The first comprehensive catalogue of Van Gogh's work from his time in France. Each work illustrated to scale. New research reveals fakes.

Vincent van Gogh's tumultuous final years were the climax of his career as a colourist. In France he reached a sustained height of expression and created a prodigious quantity of work, the importance of which is incontestable. In the landscapes, portraits and still lifes from this period the intensity and singularity of vision finds its apotheosis. Presented here is a comprehensive illustrated catalogue of Van Gogh's paintings executed between 1886 and 1890 in Paris, Arles, Saint-Remy and Auvers-sur-Oise. Each of some 580 works from that time is reproduced in full colour and appears in related scale to its original size. All known provenance is given. For the first time the paintings recorded in early documents like the 'Andries Bonger Inventory List' of 1890 and the 1905 Amsterdam Exhibition are fully identified.

This book includes a wealth of new information of crucial importance to collectors, dealers, art historians and public institutions, while providing an extraordinary visual record of the most creative and productive period of Van Gogh's career. It promises to be one of the most significant and enduring contributions to the understanding of this artist.
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