Viviane Sassen – Sketches
36 Seiten, 16 x 20 cm , 200 g.
Viviane Sassen – Sketches
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Sketches includes Polaroids made in Africa between 2002 and 2010. This publication could serve as an introduction to the work of Viviane Sassen and specially during the period of the Flamboya work. Sketches captures the raw energy of spontaneously staged street scenes and shows an inside view on the creative process of Viviane Sassens photography. The design of the publication is by Sybren Kuiper, who also designed the highly acclaimed Flamboya book. The reproductions of Polaroid piles suggests the 3 dimensional feeling of a real Polaroid. The tactile finish of the embossed cardboard cover and the binding with stitched black thread makes this publication just incredibly balanced.
VerlagKominek Books
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